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How to cure the holiday hangover

hangover cure

Good morning sunshine.

How was your New Year celebration? Ours was great we kept it simple this year. We had a lovely dinner with our family and some close friends and counted down together. Sweet and simple.

We thought that some of you may be experiencing a holiday hangover after one too many drinks, and we thought we could come to your rescue! Well, sort of.

Here are some tips to ease that nasty hangover:

Drink plenty of water

This should be the first thing you grab after waking up with a pounding headache. Alcohol dehydrates the body, what it does is that it pushes out the liquids in your body and when there is nothing left, it will draw water from any source including your head. Next time you drink, make sure you drink some water or a sports drink before going to sleep to help prevent these hangover symptoms.

Drink sports drinks

Another option is drinking both water and also some isotonic and mineral-rich drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, Aquarius, 100plus and so on..  these will help replace essential body salts (electrolytes) which you need to replace if you are dehydrated.

Eat something soupy

This can help replenish the salt loss in your body, and the hot soup will feel warm and soothing in your stomach and it’s also easy to digest. Grab or make yourself some chicken noodle soup, pho or ramen. You can throw in some pieces of meat, vegetables or have with some bread.

Not working? Feeling nauseous? Try Peppermint or Ginger tea

At times when you feel like you cannot drink much water or keep any food down, both of these i find works great. I have found that drinking a hot cup of peppermint or ginger tea really helps. Both of these act as a powerful antioxidant and are fantastic at helping to ease the nausea or stomach pains.

Eat a nourishing breakfast

The best way to replace the vitamins and minerals lost in your body is to have a nourishing breakfast. If you are up for it, go for a poached or scrambled egg on whole wheat toast and top it up with some mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach. This contains a good combination of protein and carbohydrates and is a good source of recovery nutrients.

If you don’t feel like you can eat solid food, go for something soupy as i mentioned, or blend some bananas into a smoothie. This can help replace potassium and other lost electrolytes. Or eat oatmeal porridge and throw in some sliced bananas.

And of course, get plenty of rest

Sleep is the definite cure, so get as much shut-eye as possible. Your body is working extra hard to rectify the mess you’ve made of your internal organs, so get plenty of sleep to recover!


Things you should avoid:

Say no to greasy, fatty food

Although you may hear many people say eating greasy food is the hangover cure, it’s not. Having one before you start drinking can help insulate the stomach, and prevent alcohol from absorbing into your stomach and bloodstream. But eating greasy food on the day you’re having a hangover will only irritate a sensitive stomach and is hard to digest.

Cut the caffeine

Having your favourite cup of tea or coffee will not help, not only will it fail to sober you up but this will dehydrate your body even more.

Avoid taking painkillers

Avoid taking painkillers altogether if you can. Paracetamol will give your liver even more work to do and aspirin and ibuprofen will irritate your stomach and upset it even more.

Avoid orange or grapefruit juice

Its acidity will irritate an already sensitive stomach, making you feel worse.


We hope this helps. If you have any other tried and tested tips for curing a hangover do share with us all.


truly c -long


Photo credit: Mislav Marohnić / Creative Commons


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