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Natural Remedy for Cold

honey lemon cold remedy.jpg

How’s 2015 treating you so far? Your body might still be recuperating from all the eating and drinking from numerous dinner parties… not to mention the battle to keep the cold at bay this winter season. With this in mind, we are reminded of an all time favourite natural remedy – honey lemon water!

As shown here, lemons’ vitamin C not only freshens our skin, it can also pump up our immune system – something much needed for the cold. Another lemons’ benefit, unknown to many, is that lemons also help with aches and pains for when we feel sick. Lemon juice prompts the creation of calcium carbonate, which helps neutralizes uric acid – which, by the way, prevents gout!! Lemon’s citrus juice is also beneficial for pumping up our bowel movement…much needed with all that over eating!  Also, as shown here, honey helps with that cough and gives your body the needed fuel when you feel lethargic, amongst other benefits.

Give this a go!  If not for its plentiful benefits, this drink is simply tasty and easy to make.


truly a -long


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