How to make herbs stay fresh and last longer


Do you have trouble storing fresh herbs?

I like to add fresh herbs to my dishes to give them that burst of flavour. The disappointing thing is they start to wilt after a few days and end up being wasted.

But, let me share with you a simple trick of how you can keep the herbs fresh and last longer – even up to a few weeks. This then means you no longer need to waste money, go out and buy herbs just for that one or two dishes and for the rest to go to waste.

The secret is really in how you store them. You’re probably wondering, how?? Well…keep herbs fresh and last longer

What you need:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Food bag
  • Elastic band
  • A clean jar / glass
  • Water

keepcorrianderfresh.jpg keepherbsfreshandlastlonger.jpg


  1. Fill the jar / glass about a third to half full with water
  2. Trim the ends of the herbs
  3. Do not wash the herbs – wash when you use
  4. Place them into the jar / glass
  5. Cover it with a food bag, press out all of the air
  6. Then secure the bag to the jar/glass with a elastic band
  7. Store in the fridge – herbs can then last up to a few weeks
  8. Treat the herbs like a bouquet of flowers and change the water every day or two


Corriander/cilantro and parsley prefer colder temperatures so place in the fridge

Basil should be kept at a room temperature; same above method can be used but leave on the counter and not in the fridge


After refigerating the corriander for two days, i noticed the stems are more straight, stronger and most of the leaves no longer flop.

keep herbs fresh and last longer

Hope this has helped! How do you store your herbs?


truly c -long


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