Mochi, mochi.. fresh, soft homemade custard mochi

custard mochi recipe

For those who do not know what is mochi, it’s a Japanese rice cake made out of sticky rice / sweet rice flour. It’s soft, chewy, yummy and pretty addictive! If  you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out!

Here, i will share with you how to make freshly homemade custard mochi, one of my favourites. You will find some recipes out there that are pretty sweet. For me, when i cook, i usually try to balance out some of the unhealthy ingredients so they are somewhat healthier while still keeping to the great flavours.

Here’s the custard mochi recipe – enjoy!

Makes 8 pieces


Basic mochi:
1 cup of glutinous rice flour / sweet rice flour
1 tbsp of sugar
Pinch of salt
¾ cup of water (can mix with your choice of food colouring)
Potato starch to dust

Mochi custard filling:
Half cup of milk
1 tbsp of plain flour or all purpose flour
2 Egg yolks
1.5-2 tbsp of sugar (I personally found 2 tbsp is quite sweet)

Custard filling steps

  1. Add the flour and half tablespoon of sugar into a bowl and mix
  2. Add the milk and remaining sugar into a pan and heat until it boils
  3. Add the yolks into the flour mixture and whisk until smooth
  4. Slowly mix the boiled milk into the yolk mixture and whisk
  5. Place all ingredients back into the pan on low heat until it bubbles and thickens up
  6. Pour the custard through a sieve to remove any clumps to ensure the custard is smooth
  7. Place the custard in a bowl and let it cool down enough to place in fridge for 1 hour
  8. Once cooled, place the custard in a piper / a plastic bag and cut a hole
  9. Use tin foil and place on a tray, pipe 8 blobs of custard
  10. Lastly, place in freezer for an hour

Mochi steps

custardmochirecipe2.jpg BeFunky_custardmochirecipe3a.jpg

BeFunky_custardmochirecipe4a.jpg custardmochirecipe5.jpg

  1. Combine the glutinous rice flour, sugar and water in a microwave safe bowl
  2. Mix the ingredients together until there are no lumps
  3. Cover the bowl with cling film / plastic wrap and microwave for 3 minutes, remove and stir every 1 minute
  4. Dough will have inflated, mixture will be cooked once there is no whiteness – this will be uncooked flour
  5. Remove cling film, and fold the dough with a spatula for about 5 minutes, this will make the mochi bouncy and this process will also help it cool quicker
  6. Sprinkle some potato starch on the surface (I like to wrap cling film / plastic wrap on the table to keep the table from being messy and easier to clean up afterwards)
  7. Place the dough on to the surface and then sprinkle some more potato starch on top and coat your hands with it too
  8. Pat the dough until flattened into a somewhat rectangular shape and cut into 8 pieces
  9. Place your filling inside and gently bring the edges together and pinch to seal
  10. Brush off any remaining starch off the mochi so it’s not over coated with it and repeat process until completed

Note: These mochis stay soft the next day also, but ideally, eat within two days.


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