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Healthy hearty breakfast


I have made up my mind to keep my new year resolution this year.  However, instead of setting big goals such as I am going to lose 8kg or I am going to exercise 5 times a week, I am setting small baby steps each week to eat healthily. Since I do my groceries shopping once a week, I would make the effort to stock up on healthy food such as granola, yogurt, fruits, and yes, chips and chocolates at times for a little indulgence.  I hope to cook and eat in more this year, so I guess I am hitting two birds with one stone, making myself feel all the more better!

I love my fruit yogurt with granola. They can be either a healthy meal or a snack in midday. The best part is – this takes no time at all to whip it together.

Ingredients: Plain yogurt, optional honey to sweetened the yogurt, fruits of your choice (I am using strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and grapes for this), raisins, granola or any oats of your choice, and chia seeds (optional).

What’s your favorite go to health snacks?

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