Venice of the North.. Amsterdam


Hoi hoi! That’s hi hi in Dutch.

I made a quick visit to Amsterdam last week to see my friends. It’s not the first time that I have been there, I had visited the city a few times, so I wasn’t too much of a tourist this time – i think. My friends drove me around to see the city, it was so nice to be laid back while on holiday needn’t to worry about directions, and language barriers. Probably not for them though, having to think and plan where to take me. I felt so special; they are definitely the greatest hosts you could ever get and such amazing friends.


Just a little bit about the city, Amsterdam is known for the canals, windmills, tulips, wooden clogs and great architecture. The city houses much history which can be seen with its historic buildings and sights. Apparently most of its streets remain largely the same since the 19th century due to the fact that there was no major bombing during the World War II.

The canals have played a key role in the city’s history and is also one of the reasons why travellers flock there. The city is criss-crossed by 165 canals, creating 90 ‘islands’ which are connected by around 1,500 picturesque bridges adding to its lovely cityscape, one that even goes as far back as 1648 and each bridge has a story behind it. Did you know Amsterdam has more bridges than Venice? Three times as many in fact.


I love the vibe there – the small, winding alleyways and the quaint, narrow and tall decorated buildings. These typical Amsterdam buildings can be found along the sides of the canals. What makes them unique is that they each have their own character. Back then, the government taxed people on the width of their homes, therefore they built them narrow which also meant, narrow staircases. You will notice some of the buildings are crooked, but they were built that way for a reason – it made hoisting furniture up into the window easier.

A canal cruise is a must for the first time visitors of Amsterdam and where you can also learn to understand more about the city’s history.


On the day of my arrival, we had a lot of catching up to do and wandered around the city. It was good to be back.

“Oh, you’ve gotta try this!…. it’s a Dutch snack, and this is nice.. and so is this..” I was like a kid excited to see new things and i also looked forward to having my favourite stroopwafels again. We ate a lot. I love eating and trying different things when travelling.

BeFunky_IMG_0221.jpg IMG_0225

There were so many cheese shops where you can sample many different types of cheeses… like gouda cheese, wasabi flavour, chilli, sweet peppers, truffle, garlic, herbs, mustard, lavender, smokey, Mediterranean and many more.. We hopped around to a few cheese shops sampling the cheeses, it was heaven! It was like bar hopping, but cheese hopping. I love cheese, I brought some to take back home too.


We later got pulled in by the smells of freshly baked cookies. Peeking through the cookie shop window, there were staff mixing, rolling and baking fresh cookies, it smelt amazing. Room for cookie? Why not. The cookie was crispy on the outside, and inside was filled with melted white chocolate.

BeFunky_IMG_0229.jpg IMG_0333

What also drew my attention was the adorable display of cookie gift boxes presented in a box shaped of a charming old Amsterdam house.


Not too long after a little shopping, we took a coffee break at this chocolaterie patisserie tearoom my friends recommended. These cakes were so light and delicious. From the look of them I assumed they would be really sweet, but I was wrong – they were so yummy with the different layers and textures.

BeFunky_IMG_0252.jpg BeFunky_IMG_0253.jpg

After our break, we continued to wander around the city and later met up with another friend for dinner at a hotel. I bet you’re thinking, geez these girls sure like to eat!


Oh, thank you :)

IMG_0281 IMG_0286

IMG_0351 IMG_03802

IMG_0291 IMG_0297

Dinner was good, and super filling that we had to walk it off as we ended the night with the red light district. The previous time i visited was day time and i must say at night it is totally different!

For now, doei doei!! (bye bye!) sounds cute right :)


truly c -long


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