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Sephora’s new app teaches you all about contouring


The art of contouring and highlighting takes a lot of practice and the technique entails using darker and lighter shades of foundation to shape your face or enhance facial features by strategically placing the products where the sun naturally hits your face.

Not an expert in contouring? Sephora has launched the Pocket Contour Class app to clear up all the contouring confusion. Unlike watching it being done on someone else’s face, this app has a more personalised approach.

How does it work? Select your face shape and take a selfie. Using your image, the app will analyse your facial features and offer step by step personalised application tips on how and where to apply your contouring and highlighting products on your face with shoppable options in creams, sticks and powders.

The app is hosted on Sephora’s mobile site, check it out by typing the link into your phone:


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