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15 Delicious things you need to eat in Amsterdam

Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Here’s a list of food that you must try while you’re there:

1. Stroopwafelsstroopwafels

You’ll find these at street vendors. You can smell the warm, sweet syrupy smell from far away! These are delicious especially when they are fresh, warm and the centre is gooey. You can buy already made ones to take home too, mmm.

Photo credit:  Foodishfetish / Creative Commons


2. Cheese 

holland dutch cheese

Did I mention about the cheese? Oh, wait I did. You will find all kinds of cheese here!


3. Poffertjes


These are basically baby pancakes covered in butter and powdered sugar, need i say more?

Photo credit: dennisburger / Creative Commons


4. A kroket from a FEBO wall

A kroket from a FEBO wall
Need a quick bite? Grab hot food from a wall – super fast and convenient.


5. Patatje Oorlog

Patat oorlog met kroket
Patatje Oorlog is chips covered in “war” sauce, a mix of mayonnaise, raw onions and sate sauce.

Photo credit:  vitamindave / Creative Commons


6. Bitterballen

These are like mini krokets with minced beef or veal, beef broth and added spices covered in breadcrumbs that are nice dipped in mayonnaise or mustard. I’ve been told that you should not literally translate ‘bitterballen’ as it would then mean ‘bitter balls’ which is incorrect and who would want to eat balls that are bitter? not me.

Photo credit: davidkosmos / Creative Commons


7. Kruidnoten


Kruidnoten are Dutch little spiced cookies, traditionally associated with the early December Sinterklaas holiday in the Netherlands.


8. Oliebollen

Oliebollen (literal translation is oil balls), first we had bitter balls now we have oil balls, so many strange balls. These are Dutch doughnuts that are made from fried dough with raisins, currants or apple.


9. Stamppot


A traditional Dutch dish that consists of mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables like kale, carrots, cabbage, or onions. It is traditionally served with rookworst, a smoked sausage.


10. Herring

dutch herring.jpg
Raw herring is a traditional snack in the Netherlands and is very popular among Dutch people.


11. Hagelslag, chocolate sprinkles

Hagelslag chocolate sprinkles

Hagelslag are chocolate sprinkles that come in a different flavours, shapes, and sizes. These Dutch treats are most commonly eaten on top of buttered bread or even on pancakes.


12. Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate

The name is funny itself, but i could hide in my room and eat the whole bar myself – talk about chocolonely. There are many flavours to choose from – milk chocolate to dark, with nougat, with caramel  and sea salt, pecan and marshmallow.. what i really enjoyed was the milk chocolate with hazelnuts. The chocolate is sooo nice.


13. Chocolate coated stroopwafels

These bite sized packs of chocolate coated stroopwafels make a great treat and are addictive.


Although not exactly Dutch, other snacks i found in the supermarkets that you should not miss:

14. Daim snax

These are just little bites of heaven! If you haven’t heard of the Swedish Daim bar, it is a thin chocolate bar with a hard and quite brittle caramel centre that has a buttery taste with small bits of almonds. The Milka Daim Snax consists of this mixed with cornflakes in chocolate. Mixtures of these two are extremely yummy and addictive that I just can’t stop eating them!


15. Knoppers


Although these are actually made in Germany, this milk and hazelnut cream filled wafer is so delicious!


and for now, doe doei! (bye bye! in Dutch)

truly c -long


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