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Frozen yogurt treat

How’s your weekend?  I am savoring my one week vacation break before the hectic schedule starts again.  There are so many things that I dreamt about doing for this one week break, but now that exams are finally over and my break is here… I am at a loss of what to do.  Does this ever happen to you?  Nonetheless, my must do are: (1) finish reading at least one book; (2) read the books for my next classes; (3) jog in the morning at least 3 times a week; (4) make my own healthy meals; (5) catch up on my movies and dramas entertainment.  These should allow me to live my vacation to the fullest!!  We shall see how I fair at the end of the week!

So this is what I did yesterday:

I love to treat myself to something nice, such as my favorite food, after my mid-term or finals.  The ‘reward’ gives me something to look forward to, plus I deserve it!  I love yo-mama green tea and original flavor frozen yogurt. There are so many yummy toppings to choose from, but as a creature of habit (nice way of saying boring~), I opted for my usual mochi and lychee toppings.  Yummmmy!!!!!

yo mama frozen yogurt, green tea and original flavor, with mochi and lychee

yo mama frozen yogurt, green tea and original flavor, with mochi and lychee

For lunch I throw together a quick salmon and egg salad.  I added some almonds, blue cheese, and roasted sesame dressing.  Oh, and I throw in some roasted flaxseeds after snapping the picture, which is quite yummy.

Salmon & Egg Salad

  salmon and egg salad

And a big bowl of yogurt for dinner, don’t let the picture fool you, this is indeed a big bowl of filling yogurt with grapes, blackberries, granola, and some chia seeds.  I love chia seeds and I try to incorporate them into my food such as juices and yogurt.


I really love these two “seeds” and try to blend them into my diet.  I have a bad habit of keeping food until they go bad… but now I just try to throw everything together, and it worked!  Hah!


Have a great week!!

What do you eat your flaxseed or chia seeds with?  Or is there any other power food that you try to blend them into your diet?


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