Pac-Man on real streets in Google Maps

Have you played Pac-Man on Google Maps today yet? Another clever April Fools idea from Google. It’s not really a prank as you can really play the classic arcade video game on real streets in Google Maps! Have you ever wondered what it might be like to play Pac-Man at your city, town or even your own neighbourhood? I already find it quite freaky that nowadays you can view images of streets and surrounding areas of any address that you may have, and now.. Pac-Man and the ghosts are here.

Travel with Pac-Man around the world and pick a place to play. Sadly not every street can be turned into a game if there isn’t enough roads for Pac-Man to get around but a pop-up window will appear and you can click the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and Google will find you a spot.

One good spot I found is the Taj Mahal which looks more like a Pac-Man maze:

taj mahal

You can check it out by opening up Google Maps and see for yourself in the lower left corner you will find a little screenshot of Pac-Man. Here’s how to play. Let us know if you find any good locations!




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