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Avocado ice blend

For some reason, avocado is the only food that I don’t eat immediately after I bought them.  I always end up throwing them away because when I do get around to eat them, they spoiled.  This time, again, I have two ripe avocados, but didn’t think I could eat them in time before they turn bad.  Hence, I decided to make an avocado ice blend drink.  I love avocado ice blend, and I could literally finish the drink at one go, but not finish eating the whole avocado.  Strange I know!  Anyhow, here’s how to make the easy avocado ice blend drink

Use one whole ripe avocado.  The avocado has to be ripe because it’s sweeter, softer, and creamier.


Add 1/4 of water, 1 cup of ice (you can estimate this on your own depending on how thick you want your juice to be)


Add in about 2 teaspoon of honey (again, sweeten the drink according to your own preference).  I usually prefer honey, but you can use sweetener or sugar.


Blend it till smooth


I pour it into a big plastic container and drink it from there!


Feel free to mix the drink up with banana, berries, or any other fruits you want!


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