Sweet potato rice cakes / pancakes with banana filling


When I was little, my mum would cook these delicious sweet potato rice cakes / pancakes that I really enjoyed. They are made of very few and basic ingredients, they are also gluten-free! not that i knew what gluten-free was back then. All you need is sweet potato and glutinous rice flour but I decided to give it some filling, some bananas!

Sweet potato rice cake pancake with banana

The natural sweetness and the flavour from the sweet potatoes is more than enough, so there is no need for sugar. I love the texture of these rice cakes as it is like mochi with a kind of sticky texture. When you bite into it you will get a burst of sweet, juicy and flavourful bananas, together with the sweet potato rice cake which tastes really good. When you pop them in the pan, they inflate which i found interesting to watch..

Sweet potato rice cake pancake

Sweet potato rice cakespancakes

This recipe makes about 15 small rice cakes, which are great for snacking even on the next day. So here is what you need..


1kg bag of sweet potatoes
1 riped banana
Glutinous rice flour / sweet rice flour

1. Peel and chop up the sweet potatoes about 1 inch thick
2. Steam the sweet potatoes until softened
3. Mash up the potatoes until smooth and let it cool down
4. Slowly add in the glutinous rice flour bit by bit to form a dough, it should not be sticky to your hands
5. Peel the banana and slice into pieces
6. Lightly dust your hands with some flour
7. Take some dough into your hand, roll into a ball and flatten into a circle
8. Add 3-4 pieces of banana and take the edge bit by bit to the centre of the circle to seal, flatten gently, and repeat process
9. Heat some oil in a non stick frying pan under medium heat, and place the pancakes in while leaving a gap in between to prevent them sticking together
10. Cook both sides until lightly golden, you will see the pancakes will rise which is quite cute!
11. Place on greaseproof paper to soak up any oil (do not use kitchen towel as it will stick)
12. Ready to eat! Becareful filling will be very hot

Enjoy!! :)




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