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Clean your blender in 30 seconds

fastest way to clean a blender

Cleaning blenders can be quite a difficult one, trying to reach those hard to clean areas with your sponge and at the same time, trying not to slice your fingers off. And at times, when you’re feeling lazy or in a rush in the morning it can even put you off from using it – feels like quite a hassle right?

But did you know there is a much easier and faster way to clean it? Firstly, you must get into the habit of cleaning it as soon as you are done blending your smoothie, juice, or soup. This will prevent it from drying up and being tougher to clean. We promise that it will super easy for you!

So, follow these steps below to keep your blender spotless clean:

1. Fill the blender half way with hot water, it is important to not fill it more than half way
2. Add 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid
3. Put the lid on, place the blender back on its base and turn it on the highest speed for 30 seconds
4. You will now see that it is very soapy
5. After 30 seconds, switch it off and pour out the dirty water
6. Rinse the pitcher thoroughly with fresh clean water
7. Now you have a perfectly clean blender!


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