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Think twice before using eyeliner on your waterline

How to apply eyeliner

Do you apply eyeliner on your waterline? If yes, think twice before doing so.

A new study in the journal Eye and Contact Lens Science and Clinical Practice has warned that applying pencil eyeliner to the inner eyelid can increase the risk of particles getting into the eye and contaminating the tear film. These particles in the tear film can cause discomfort for people with dry eye syndrome or sensitive eyes and can also adhere to contact lenses which can build up.

These can lead to problems such as irritations, redness, presence of harmful bacteria and could even lead to eye infections or blurred vision.

Tip for applying eyeliner on your lower lash line:

  1. Stick with applying eye makeup outside of the waterline. Using black eyeliner on both upper and lower lids closes up the eyes, making them look smaller and can look too harsh. The bottom lash liner should have a softer look than the upper eyeliner.
  2. Instead, use a lighter shade of eye shadow than your eyeliner. Dip a slant tip brush into your eye shadow, tap off excess and gently swipe off the brush at the back of your hand and then apply on your lower lash line, build it up slowly if need to. This will give your eyes a more natural definition without being harsh.
  3. If you are using an eye pencil, use a lighter shade and make sure your eyeliner doesn’t have a sharp pointy tip. A rounded tip will work better and give it a softer, gentle and wider line, so wear it down if you need to. Don’t go all the way with your pencil; instead, draw dotted lines under your lower eyelashes and then blend. Blending is the key for a gorgeous, eye opening effect.
  4. For a more stronger or dramatic look, blend your eyeliner with a similar shade of eye shadow for a more smoky look and build it up.

Before I sign off, here are some basic eye makeup safety tips that should be kept as a reminder for all makeup users.





Photo credit: andrebenedix / Creative Commons


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