21 Ways to Get Motivated!

Make things happen - how to feel motivated

Recently I was in a phase of feeling quite unmotivated, it felt like such a struggle just to break out of that feeling and to push myself to go further.

Trying to regain motivation can be tough, and it involves a combination of combating the sources of its depletion and trying to get yourself into taking the first step. It’s trying to make that step that is the difficult part. You need that constant flow of energy and excitement to power through.

Even the most motivated people can feel unmotivated at times and you may reach a point where you feel like you’re in such a slump. Things start to feel impossible, you feel like you just don’t want to do anything and it’s a struggle to break out of it. I’ve been there, and it’s normal for people to feel that way from time to time. But, drowning yourself in that feeling of not wanting to move or do anything for a long period is the dangerous part.

All it takes is some small steps for you to make changes and start gaining control again. Yes, it may seem impossible but you know that deep inside you want to snap out of it and start getting things done.

What other word is in ‘impossible’? Yes, that’s right – it’s impossible. Yes, you probably heard it many times, but I shall remind you again!

Here are some tips that I find useful to getting started again and in achieving that goal:

  1. Boost your energy. Breaking out a good sweat, going for a run, jump on the exercise bike, do whatever it takes for you to gain that ‘oomph!’, that burst of energy hidden inside you. You will feel so much better and energized. You can do it, you can!
  2. Minimize contact with the negative people. You don’t need any more negative energy around you while you’re trying to get back up again, this will only drag you down more.
  3. Be around positive people. Hang out with people who give you energy and make you want to do things and improve yourself.
  4. Tell people about your goal. This will give you that pressure, as you have now committed yourself to it. We tend to have that extra push to do something we’ve said openly to public. Soon you will hear, ‘so, how is that project going?’ and what will your response be?
  5. Disable internet access and / hide your mobile phone. Nowadays, these are the major distractions in our lives. Cut them out, you will be surprised how productive you are.
  6. Make sure your to-do list is achievable. Don’t say ‘yes’ to everything, manage your work load and how much you can actually do, delegate if needed. This will give you a clearer view of your priorities. Have a to-do list on both paper and on your desktop!
  7. Create time pressure. If you don’t have a deadline for what you are working on, make one and commit to it.
  8. Plan and organise. Jot down all the steps and place a deadline for each leading up to your final goal and update with statues as you review or tick them off.
  9. Focus on your own path and do not compare yourself with others around you. Everyone is on their own path, create your own, and always remember it isn’t a race.
  10. Start with baby steps and you will get there. By thinking too big, you will give yourself an impression that it is not achievable, but build on small successes. It feels good, and in time when you look back, you will realise you have gotten far with a lot of success.
  11. Find a place where you are free from distractions and any noise, that could be a meeting room, the library, a spare empty room with no tv, bed, computer, phone etc. anywhere that can keep you focused on what is in front of you, and that only.
  12. Dedicate a set productive time each day for certain tasks and stick to it, removing all forms of distractions.
  13. Work hard at set periods of time then make sure you take short breaks.
  14. Find a buddy that you can be productive with so you can give each other that extra ‘push’ when your energy is running low.
  15. Find inspiration to give you that extra drive. Look at success stories and how they have done it, pin up inspiring quotes, post your goal in big words and notes on the wall to remind yourself every day about what you wish to achieve. You want to have big reminders to keep your focus and keep your excitement going.
  16. Don’t give up and remember why you started. Stick with your goal and plan, remember you started it for a reason. It is tough to feel motivated every day, but you cannot give up with every small obstacle. Ride out those waves, you will get there!
  17. Review and measure your accomplishments. Each week, look at your action plan and to-do list; review your achievements along with everything that needed to be done. This way you can gain a better understanding of any obstacles and learn from mistakes. Remember to celebrate accomplishments, have your head up high and prepare and power through the next week.
  18. Get support and help when needed. It’s difficult to accomplish something alone so find yourself a support network, that is, a network of people who want to see you succeed. Being able to speak to someone and for them to remind you why you are doing what you are doing is definitely of great help.
  19. Envision how you’ll feel after, think about the bigger picture. Focus on the benefits and not the difficulties. It is normal for us to easily think about the negatives rather than the positives, but think about what you will get out of it. The benefits of something will help energize you.
  20. THINK POSITIVE. Yes, you heard it many times before. Recognise the negative thoughts you have, and learn to adjust your mind set to think more positively.
  21. Have faith. Believe in yourself. Keep telling yourself, ‘you CAN do it’.

You can do it, I believe in you. Build the momentum and keep moving forward. Power through!!





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