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Why sleep is so important!!

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So, I mentioned that I would share some tips or information from my health and wellness class if I find anything interesting.  I really like the class and I find myself learning a lot of useful and important information on how to live a healthy life – both mentally and physically.

I am going to share something about “sleep” today…

Sleep as we all know is essential in our life.  But people who didn’t know better would rather stay up another hour just to have another drink with friends or to catch another episode of reruns in TV (myself included!!).  I totally get the feeling of wanting to stay up late on a Friday or Saturday night just so you can savor the weekend and make the weekend seem slightly “longer.”  However, sleep is so important to our well-being that getting enough sleep everyday, especially the weekends, should be our top priority!

Did you know that sleep has effects on our memory, learning capability, metabolism, life quality and satisfaction, immune system, and cardiovascular health?  Getting enough sleep also helps us retain information better.  Sleep is especially crucial in the forming of new neuronal connections!

I also managed to find an article which I read awhile ago, stating that sleep allows the brain to clear away waste toxins that was accumulated during the day, which may play a role in brain disorders if not cleared from our brain.  I guess this makes sense in a way because our brain also prunes away old and rarely used neuronal connections during our sleep.

I hope this stresses enough why sleep is so important and why we should all try to get enough sleep wherever and whenever we can!!

Sleep well tonight everyone.

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All statements and opinions are solely my own and what I have learned and read. Always seek your doctor’s or health care professionals’ advice if you have any concerns about your health or lifestyles.


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