A stroll through the flower market in the ‘dark side’

flower market road sign

Sounds quite ironic right? The beautiful blooms of flowers, and the dark side, what?? Now when I think of the dark side, I think of Batman. Now that just wouldn’t make any sense.

Well, anyway.. i recently went for a stroll around the flower market in Prince Edward. I haven’t been in a while. I love wandering the streets looking at all of the beautiful blooms. There are stalls upon stall with all kinds that can be found, from fresh cut flowers, potted plants, bonsai trees, orchids, seeds, bulbs and many more on Flower Market Road. The majority of the shops offer a range of different types seasonally.

So, if you love flowers as much as i do, and looking to do something nice in the afternoon then I recommend checking it out. It’s also next to a bird market too.

You’re probably still thinking, what is the ‘dark side’? ha… You need not worry! The flower market is located in Kowloon, an urban area, the less international side of Hong Kong. So expats and some who live in Hong Kong Island jokingly call it the “dark side”. However, there is so much to explore in Kowloon, and those who do not ‘dare’ to cross to the other side are definitely missing out.

Here are some photos from both the flower market and bird market to share with you:

First, some funny looking bug catchers..hong kong flower market 13hong kong flower market 9hong kong flower market 12hong kong flower market 3hong kong flower market 4hong kong flower market 5hong kong flower market 7hong kong flower market 8flower markethong kong flower market 1hong kong flower market 6Photo0137Photo0140hong kong flower market 2

The bird market nearby..

Photo0147 Photo0144

and this little one could speak Cantonese:


oh, and this is what i bought :)

hong kong flower market shopping

To get there, take the MTR subway to Prince Edward Station, Take Exit B1. Walk east along Prince Edward Road West until you reach the market.

For now, have a good weekend!!

A sign


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