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Lip lines? How to get soft, plump and hydrated lips

lip care lines dry chapped plump lips

When it comes to skincare, some of us may not put much emphasis on the lips. Well, as long as they feel moisturized. When I’m talking emphasis I mean anti-aging, sun screen… For me, I have this habit of always whipping out my lip balm out and moisturizing my lips but i never really gave much thought about sun screen on them until the past year. I just feel uncomfortable with the feeling of dry lips.. it bugs me! But, do you ever think about the lines on your lips?

What are the causes of lip lines?

  • Aging process – loss in lip volume, as we age we lose elastin and collagen
  • Thinning of the skin – as we age, skin becomes more creased with use
  • Build up of sun exposure and wind
  • Poor quality cosmetics and products containing harsh chemicals
  • Not being gentle on your lips
  • Repetitive chewing motions like chewing gum
  • Smoking
  • Drinking with straws and pursing your lips when drinking from bottles – may be everyone should rethink about that duck face pout pose when doing selfies too!!
  • Poor diet causing premature aging of the skin


How to prevent lines / wrinkles on lips

  • Wear sunscreen on your lips – a good quality lip balm with SP15 or higher. Often people just moisturize and don’t consider sun protection which is damaging to the skin
  • Keep lips well hydrated and supple to prevent wrinkles
  • Try to avoid sun and wind exposure
  • Cover lips with a scarf when out during winter
  • Avoid smoking and try to avoid the alcohol or at least cut it down
  • Avoid poor quality cosmetics or skincare products that may contain harsh chemicals
  • Avoid excessive gum chewing
  • Try avoid puckering your lips too much
  • Eat healthier!


How to get soft, plump and hydrated lips:

  • Vitamin E oil is a free radical fighting antioxidant that can help hydrate and smooth out deep wrinkles. Apply few drops to your fingers and gently dab it on your lips.
  • Almond oil – also good for smoothing out lines around lips
  • Papaya and honey lip mask – mash up some papaya with honey and make a soft paste. Use as a lip mask and apply on your lips, leave on for a few minutes and rinse with water
  • Cinnamon and natural oils – mix cinnamon with natural oils like vitamin E oil, almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil and apply on lips everyday. Cinnamon is excellent for circulation and can give you fuller, plumped up lip
  • Exfoliate skin around lips regularly using a toothbrush
  • Sugar lip scrub – mix with some honey or olive oil, and apply using gently circular motion and leave on for 1 minute and rinse
  • Keep your body hydrated to prevent lips from drying
  • Be gentle to your lips
  • Get adequate sleep everyday



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