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So that’s what the extra shoelace holes on your trainers are for..

After all these years of tying trainers, we’ve finally found out what the extra shoelace holes at the top are for and they actually play an important purpose. Apparently, it’s not just there for decoration or ventilation! Doh.

The extra shoelace holes help make the shoes fit better, giving your feet and ankles a little extra snugness and stability. It stops your foot from sliding while you are running, particularly downhill! No more sore toes! and it also prevents those painful blisters from forming.

It is great especially for high-intensity workouts and also for hikers and rock climbers. The extra stability can be really helpful for preventing falls, sprained ankles and even broken bones. So keep that in mind next time you put your shoes on!!

The simple trick is to create what’s known as a “heel lock” or “lace lock” with the extra shoelace holes. Watch Illumiseen’s eye-opening video tutorial to see:


addia sign


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