Cunard’s Three Queens Celebrations in Liverpool

It has been a while since we’ve posted, and oh my! it’s been a busy two weeks and still is! but luckily i managed to squeeze in some time with friends and family to relax a bit which has been fantastic and i finally get some time to write.

Over the long weekend, i visited the docks to watch the Cunard’s Three Queens Celebrations which lasted three days. The Queen Mary 2, the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria put on a great show to mark the 175th anniversary of Cunard. On Bank Holiday Monday night, i stayed for the Amazing Graces’ light show and firework display which was beautiful. It got pretty cold though!! The moment the light show started, i felt it suddenly got extra windy at the pier.. for a moment i thought, now this can’t be special effects can it?! And no, it wasn’t. That’s the thing i struggle with..  the weather. One moment it’s gloomy, then it’s sunny, then it’s gloomy again or raining and super windy, the same applies with the temperature! Maybe I’ve just been away too long and used to temperatures of 30+ degrees..

Anyway, apparently there was around 1.3 million visitors in Liverpool to catch a glimpse of it all! I think that is the first time i have seen the city so packed in my life!liverpool city centre packed

The first to arrive – Queen Mary 2, the other two arrived the day after. What a beautiful day!three queens queen mary 2

One of the ducks from the Liverpool Duck Trail. They are currently scattered all over the city. albert dock duck

My quick bite, German hot dog! There were market and food stalls all along the pier throughout the three days. german hotdogs liverpool

All three Queens together, and so many people gathered together to watch! cunard three queens celebrations liverpool

Queen Elizabeth

queen elizabeth cunard celebration

The famous Liver building

the liver buildingthree queens celebration 2british bus bar liverpoolthree queens liverpoolthree queens celeb liverpool

The start of the light show.. It felt like some movie scene at the beginning then at times it felt like some horror movie, but there were parts that looked pretty and amazing.liverpool light show

The yellow submarine :)

cunard building light showliverpool light show 2IMG_7934 cunard firework display




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