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been awhile…

Hello there! We are soooo sorry for going MIA for two months!! I have been really busy with school and C has been equally busy with her new project.  Our little blog has, thus, taken a back seat for the last two months :(  We promise to try our best to be more consistent with our postings!

So… here’s a little trivia update on my part:

I was out the other day and chanced upon a US supermarket here in Hong Kong!  It’s called the A&M US Groceries, located at queen’s road central, Manning House building.  As we all know, America has jumbo size everything!  I was, therefore, super quite excited to check the store out!  All products are directly imported from the US, and I got some authentic USA produce… such as this jumbo size Dubble Bubble!!!

bubble collage

I know!!! I am not sure how will I finish the 380 pieces of Dubble Bubble… but well…. a girl can hope ;)  Anyone in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by for some dubble bubble any time!

Found some other exciting things which you can’t get from a local store:


I cannot wait to try my hands on popping these popcorn!!!!


Rosemary garlic seasoning – I have only had either a rosemary or garlic seasoning, therefore, I am looking forward to try this!! Hah!

Clam Chowder – I love soup with texture – is that what you call soup with chunks of goodies with every bite???! This clam chowder looks super promising to me!


I have always wanted to get a healthy cooking spray. Glad to have found this!  with decent size black pepper that can lasts me for awhile


Enough tuna to last me for the next few months, and some sour cabbage to go with it!


Some mustard and chopped onion.  I rarely buy pre-chopped/minced food items such as bottled garlic, ginger, chili, onion, and the like… I always like it “freshly” chopped.. if you know what i mean.  So I’ll see how I like the chopped onion.

Those were my highlights!  Have a good week everyone!

truly a -long


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