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Have you ever had one of those days when you simply caved into any cravings and just indulge to unwind yourself?  I am having one of those days today!  My science modules are starting next week and I can already feel the pressure building up on me.  I was home all day, trying to prep myself by reading whatever materials that I can put my hands on.  I guess that just stresses me out even more knowing how much I don’t know – does that even make sense??

I decided that a good mushroom cheese pocket and something chocolate-ty would soothe my nerves.  I went ahead for it even though I haven’t had time to work out in the last month!  I must say that instead of feeling satisfied, I am craving for my favourite frozen yogurt right now.  Is this even possible?!

My all time fav - mushroom cheese pocket from Starbucks

My all time fav – mushroom cheese pocket from Starbucks

Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner?!


Made a healthy and light salad for dinner to make up for the earlier sinful indulgences.  Salad consists of tomatoes, lettuce, smoked salmon, crushed almonds, blue cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil and a quarter of lemon juice


What’s your go-to food for indulgence?

truly a -long


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