Castle Hill and Victoria Tower walk, Huddersfield

I love my walks to the countryside, or to anywhere away from the crowds and shops.. A break from all the madness in life and just going for a lovely walk, enjoying nature.

To find a perfect day for this in UK is quite a challenge, especially if you need to book your train tickets in advance. As you just never know, when it is going to be a sunny day or not, it’s just unpredictable. Luckily, it was a perfect day of sunshine!

So, why Huddersfield? Well, after so much research for a short hike, I stumbled across this trail. I was planning to meet my friend at a half-way point, and we wanted something short since we were tight with time and didn’t want to get lost.

Huddersfield train station

Upon arrival at the beautiful train station, it took a very short walk to the bus station where we sat down at the café and enjoyed a Cornish pastie and a cup of coffee. We hopped on the 341 bus and enjoyed the beautiful views from the window. Just 20 minutes later, we got off outside the pub, Golden Cock Inn at Farnley Tyas. Just opposite, we saw a Farnley horse riding sign! But sadly the horse riding was not available at the time. Next time then! Hidden away on the side road, was the Farnley Market café where we enjoyed a pizza before we began our walk.

We had printed the directions from the Examiner article, giving us what seemed like clear directions. I’m not sure if it was meant to be a totally different route or a complete detour, but after following the directions for half an hour and walking on countryside roads, and what seemed like a murder scene from ‘I know what you did last summer’ movie:

i know what you did last summer

..we turned around and luckily bumped into friendly locals, who diverted us all the way back to where we had started and to go a completely different direction!


Love hydrangeas!


We had almost wanted to give up as timing was crucial for us, and from afar, the Victoria Tower looked so far away!! So we walked along the road… and bumped into a couple walking their dog, and asked them how to get there. They were so friendly and suggested that we could join them, and so we did. We crossed fields, saw sheeps, and saw plenty and plenty of poop. Yes, keep your eyes on the ground , focus as well as absorbing the landscape. Unless you want to return and smelling of poop yourself! Ha…

Castle Hill and Victoria Tower Huddersfield walk 1IMG_1607A

Half way there, we bumped into another couple, who were lost and our little group now formed into a mini tour group! What a lovely day! We crossed more fields, passed by horses and cottages.. as we got closer and closer to the tower. We walked up the hill and later we all separated our ways as we enjoyed the stunning views over Huddersfield.

Huddersfield walk horsesHuddersfield walk horses 2Castle Hill Huddersfield cottageHuddersfield walk steps viewIMG_1709AVictoria Tower Huddersfield walkCastle Hill and Victoria Tower Huddersfield walk 3

This is definitely a lovely walk. The Victoria Tower is open to enter, and climb up to the top. Sadly though, we could not stay very long to enjoy our planned little picnic and had to make our way back. If you are starting from the pub, Golden Cock Inn and crossing the fields to the Victoria Tower, it will take approximately 1 hour and 45mins for regular speed walking and stopping here and  there for snapping pictures.


On the way back, we found an alternative route ourselves, where we reached the roads to where the 341 bus had passed earlier. We decided to walk back to Almondbury, as the bus was not frequent and we had 1 hour to spare due to our change of plan. Walking back was enjoyable as the view was breathtaking. For those who wish to take this walk, walking back can be an option as the bus stops are not too far apart, so if the bus is about to come you could wait at the nearest bus stop. For us, we walked all the way back to Almondbury and from there; we took the bus back to the city centre.

For those who wish to do a much shorter walk, we only just found out you could start at this starting point here:

Castle Hill and Victoria Tower Huddersfield route

Once you pass the bus and see the Victoria Tower from the bus window on your left, get off!

Walk back from Castle Hill Victoria Tower UKIMG_1667A

Until then..

truly c -long





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